DIY Halloween Decor: Pummy

Hello lovelies! Since Halloween is our favorite time of year we thought we'd do something a little different, so heres a couple Halloween decor DIY ideas. This is part one of our Halloween series so check back next week for more spooky decor. Also, Make sure to read the next post on how to make "bleeding candles".

Step 1: Gather all your supplies. Most items can be found at your local crafts store.
Step 2: Wrap cheese cloth around your pumpkin, measure circumference, mark, and cut cheese cloth.
Step 3: Unfold cheese cloth to single layer and cut into strips in various thicknesses. 
Step 4: Hot glue the strips around the pumpkin like so.  
Do this repeatedly until entire surface is covered. Make sure to leave a small gap uncovered for the mouth.
Step 5: Once the surface of your pumpkin is covered to your liking simply glue a set of eyes to your mummy. 
 Step 6: Once the eyes are all set, layer on a few more strips of cloth slightly overlapping the eyes. 
Step 7: With a black permanent marker draw a small rectangle. Don't forget to shade it in, no need for perfection. 
Step 8: Last and final step, layer a few more strips of cloth over the black rectangle leaving a slit of your desired size open. Ta da!! Meet Pummy (pumpkin + mummy) Your final product would look similar to the one below. 

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