Fall Look Book

Take a peak at our Fall 2015 Look Book with Melina & Taylor.
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Bralette Lookbook

Heres a sweet Lookbook of some of our most popular bralettes. Enjoy!

Halloween Treats

We have gathered a few more easy & quick DIY goodies for you! This DIY is for those last minute Halloween gatherings. With just a few ingredients and some creativity you'll be able to create cute and delicious snacks for your quests or yourself. Have fun and as always, enjoy! 


DIY Halloween Decor: Pummy

Hello lovelies! Since Halloween is our favorite time of year we thought we'd do something a little different, so heres a couple Halloween decor DIY ideas. This is part one of our Halloween series so check back next week for more spooky decor. Also, Make sure to read the next post on how to make "bleeding candles".

DIY Halloween Decor: "Bleeding" Candles

This next DIY is extremely simple and actually a lot more fun to do than it looks. Make sure to lay some scrap paper on the table before you begin this project as things tend to get a bit messy.
Tip: Listen to some creepy tunes. It'll get you in the halloween spirit



A visual of our Camille Halter Bralette & Gold Leaf Necklace
•     •     •     •
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Instagrammers We Love

For many of you who don't know, Frankie Phoenix was curated and launched on Instagram back in 2012. What a whirlwind it has been! Below is a list of Instagrammers who's posts are anything but boring. We've compiled this list based on our current obsessions; clean eating, travel, aesthetic, and Kate Moss. Without further ado lets get started! (in no particular order)



Welcome back lovelies! It's been a while and we promise not to be gone this long ever again. We plan on filling this blog page with more than just outfit posts. We'll be writing about some pretty cool things including DIY's and tutorials, we hope you  all will enjoy. If you have any requests please leave them in the comments below. For now, enjoy these styling photos from a recent shoot. To shop these looks simply click the link of each item below. 

Model: Giselle Gonzalez

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Meet Sammy, this native San Diego girl radiates sunshine. She is soon to be a high school graduate and enjoys spending her free time wandering the shores of San Diego in beautiful bikinis. Her hidden talents include singing and whipping up enviable smoothie bowls. Follow Sammy on her journey! 


crochet & lace

A gloomy rainy day in L.A calls for some serious blogging and Netflix, after work of course! Naturally, we decided to take a couple layout photos of some of our favorite items up on the site. 
Enjoy this short but sweet post! 
. . . Day Dream Shorts are an absolute D R E A M . . .


We've been receiving so many emails and comments on IG in regards to items being restocked. For the most part it is very difficult for us to give exact information on when any given item will be restocked, or whether it will be restocked at all. Below is a list of items that will surely be coming back along with predicted restock dates:
Zara Bralette (All colors) - By 5/31/15
Candice Top (All Colors) - 5/9/15 
Mila Halter Bralette (All Colors) - 5/8/15
Siena Bralette (Select Colors) - By 5/31/15
Knit Tank Top (All Colors) - By 5/31/15

Please be kind to us, we try very hard to get everything restocked as often as possible!