DIY Halloween Decor: "Bleeding" Candles

This next DIY is extremely simple and actually a lot more fun to do than it looks. Make sure to lay some scrap paper on the table before you begin this project as things tend to get a bit messy.
Tip: Listen to some creepy tunes. It'll get you in the halloween spirit

Step 1: Gather all your supplies. We found these glass bottles on sale at Michael's for just 69 cents each. 
Step 2: If your white candle sticks don't fit into the bottle cut and shave the ends with your scissors. 
Step 3: Next, light your red candle and bring it closely to the wick of the white candle sticks. As the wax begins to melt simply let it drip. At first the red wax will appear too light but as the wax and fire mix you'll get that darker shade of red. Keep doing this until you achieve your desired look.
Step 4: If you notice the wax isn't dripping all the way down to your bottle you can drip wax onto the bottle itself. Again, this is all personal preference. Do this step until you're satisfied with the over all appearance. 
Viola! You're all done. Have fun with this DIY and use different sized candle sticks and bottles of various shapes, sizes, and colors. 

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